Do not be afraid of failure

Notes from The Creative Brain by Dr David Eagleman

  • Try something new
  • Get off the path of least resistance
  • Push boundaries
  • Don’t be afraid of failure

From my overall experiences with the Arts Education unit (edits from my essay on reflection towards Arts Education):

I realised that the creative human within me can be a part of the presence I bring to the classroom and that it is OK to get off the path of least resistance and open up to limitless possibilities with my teaching.

Following the organic flow of life and using your awareness.

  • visual thinking strategies
  • kids learn differently (Gardner)
  • creativity is at the heart of every subject
  • creative mindset
  • push boundaries
  • try your best
  • take risks
  • make mistakes – that way you learn
  • process of understanding the world around them
  • become better humans
  • creative ethos – arts empowers everyone

“creativity belongs to all of us and it is the most potent, transformative tool at our disposal, it changes peoples lives and it can transform the world – cultivate creativity, produce something that has never existed before”